Janel Martin Mirendah

Postpartum Attachment Therapist
Baby Communication Educator
Baby Whisperer – Baby Doula

I support new mothers struggling with depression, crying baby, and overwhelm – in comfort of her own home – to process her experience of birth so she can create a softer connection with her newborn.

My approach is mama-baby centered and grounded in the modality of CranioSacral therapy and a traditional mental health counseling background.

Because it is mama-baby centered, the exact time and needs are determined by the mother and baby’s needs, and their support.  Most productive though is one to two full days, and on-call follow up until the mother and baby are stabilized.

I support the mother to process her experience of giving birth in a safe, compassionate relationship.   As a babywhisperer,  I have the ability to hear the baby. I  teach the mother how to listen to her baby’s communication, to build confidence and so she can hear the baby’s experience of birth.  This facilitates the mother and baby integrating their individual experiences and coming together in a new way.  This allows for the breastfeeding, rest, and interactions to improve immediately.

This in depth, intensive support -that focuses on healing the mother and baby where they were distrupted-  is what is missing from most efforts to stop crying, increase sleep, and feel that connection mother desires.

I specialize in support for post-partum depression, post surgical birth, and NICU experience.

Contact me at babykeeper@gmail.com or 573-424-0997.

I am  in DC Metro area and available for in-home or in-hospital support in VA/MD.   I am available for consultations via Skype, phone/text, Facebook.

And, I am available for minimum two day intensive support on location outside of DC.

What others who worked with me have to say:

“As soon as the first session was over and I held Caleb in my arms, I knew he was different. Finally, this was what my baby was supposed to feel like!  His whole body felt relaxed as I held him.  I could actually feel how much pain and trauma he had released through his hard work and Janel’s healing touch.

Our lives have completely changed because of my experience with Janel, and we will be forever grateful for her.

- Hilary Shirven, CBE, Peoria, IL


After a traumatic birth my son and I spent weeks trying to recover, reconnect, and find peace. It seemed nothing would sooth his cries at times. I felt helpless and depressed as I struggled to proveide him with comfort. My husband I held our son all the time and provided him with attachment parenting techniques. It was only while breastfeeding that we were able to find  a small window of peaceful softness. After a few months I began to reluctantly accept the all too popular lable of “colicky.

And then I met Janel. Our son was three months old and awakening ever hour on the hour and crying. Janel provided me a mother, the opportunity to “be with” my son as he released the body memories of his awful birth experience. He crided, raged and then slept. Janel knowingly taught me how to be present ” with my son and his “experience” without trying to control it or alter it.  She taught me genuine respect for another soul.  Her touch was loving,  yet strong and competent. Janel later led us (including my husband) in re-experiencing our birth in a gentle way that led us to great healing and harmony.

-Tracy Bovee, LCPC, EdS, Illinois



Why Should You Try Infant-parent healing with Janel?

It works and that is important when you will do anything in the world to comfort and care for your baby!

We met, and as soon as Janel held the baby, Taylor began her session. It was amazing to see the connection the two of them had after a few minutes. I told Janel Taylor had “colic” and was spitting up a lot.  Taylor had been to the pediatrician, who said everything was fine (use mylicon drops) and the chiropractor did a few adjustments and said the same.  I had CranioSacral before, but my daughter’s session was much different.  She literally went through the birth process again.

I had expectations of her self-attaching to the breast directly after birth and we weren’t able to do that. That is until she repatterned  and we were able to bond much more than even in the hospital.  Janel showed me what to do to let Taylor express herself in between sessions. When Taylor would have  a “colicky” time at home, I knew how to comfort her.  Her colic was gone after 2 sessions and the spitting up was manageble without medication!!

We saw Janel again at about 6 months when Taylor was beginning to crawl.  She was crawling funny with one leg that didn’t want to bend. The pediatrician said she was fine, the chiropractor did a slight adjustment and again, said the same …. “she’s fine”.  She was crawling like a champ after only four sessions with Janel.

CranioSacral is different and you have to enter a session with an open mind. The babies have so much to say and Janel knows how to listen. She has taught me as a mommy how to talk to Taylor more (even though she can’t talk back) and to understand she has feelings too, even at this young age. For any ailment Taylor has, we always end up at Janel’s for a CranioSacral session. I highly recommend her.

- Elyse & Taylor Weiss, IL



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